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The first activities that led to the creation of the Euroregion BUG took place on the 30th April 1992. The Governors of Biala Podlaska, Chelm and Lublin Voivodships, the Governor of Lublin, the Ministry of Ownership Transformation and the Ministry of the Central Planning Bureau signed an agreement concerning financial protection of joint investments within the Regional Consortium. According to the agreement the main aim of the consortium was to develop and carry out economic restructuring in the area.

Two months later 30th June 1992, Regional Consortium signed another agreement. On Chelm Region's initiative (Chelm District had already been running co-operation projects with Wolyn District and started economic contacts with Belorussian partners) Jerzy Drygalski Chairman of the Co-ordination Committee of the Regional Consortium (enlarged with the Tarnobrzeg District) signed in Kovel an agreement with Wolyn District. The Ukrainian side was represented by the president's representative Wlodzimierz Blazenczuk.

The main aim of the agreement was to develop co-operation in the fields of: regional development, transport, communication, delivery of energy and water, nature protection, industry, trade, agriculture, education, science research, healthcare, culture, art, tourism, recreation and crime and public menace prevention.


Normalisation of the international relationship with the new countries behind the eastern border was conducive to the cross-border co-operation. Poland signed treaties in Warsaw in May and June 1992 with Ukraine and Belorus and ratified the European Treaty of Madrid signed on 21st May 1980 concerning cross-border co-operation.

The first exemplar of cross-border co-operation was brought in life in 1981 Euroregion NYSA at the Polish-Czech-German border.

Regional authorities, supported by central government, recognised that cross-border co-operation projects are be of greater importance and thus are be easier to support. There appeared a new idea of another Cross-Border Association called Euroregion BUG and works concerning creation and articles were carried out. In June 1993 Co-ordination Committee of the Regional Consortium prepared project covering border areas of the member-regions in the field of economic development. The project was accepted by the Science Research Committee and funds were to be allocated for carrying the project in 1994-1996.

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